How the Loan Process Works

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There's a lot involved in getting a mortgage loan. Each of our Loan Advisors has extensive expertise in finding the best loan to match your needs and qualifications. In guiding you smoothly through the often complicated loan process we will return your calls promptly and answer your questions with clarity, complete transparency, and honesty. Try it - give us a call!  We look forward to guiding you home!

Getting a home loan involves four major steps:

Step 1: Decide How Much You Can Afford

A couple of factors determine this amount. What kind of monthly payment are you looking for? And given your unique credit and employment history, income and debt, and goals, how much will a lender loan you? Use the calculators on our website to determine your monthly payment amount. We can guide you to the right loan amount and best program for you when you answer a few questions. Based on standard lender guidelines, we'll get you a good idea of what kind of terms and loan program you can expect to benefit most from.

Step 2: Complete a Pre-Qualification

This is where Funding Resources Mortgage Corp will start saving you money. You will supply information about your employment, your assets, and residence history. You'll provide information on your employment, asset, and residence history. We get your permission to run your credit score and report. After we've finished reviewing your information, we'll provide a pre-qualification letter. Handle it with care — it can be a great tool for buying your new home! With this letter, your real estate agent will negotiate the best deal for your new home. While you're picking out the home that's right for you, we are looking for the best loan for you.

Step 3: Apply for Your Loan

Once you have signed and the sellers accept the offer, you should apply for the loan. When the time is right, we'll order the appraisal of your new home.

Step 4: Your Loan is Funded

The agents will find an escrow/title company to handle the "funding" of the loan and closing of the sale. We'll work with this company to make sure all the papers your lender will need are available, and you'll probably likely sign all these papers at this company's office; they do all the work to coordinate with the title company on your date of closing. Because you will not have to worry about these details, you can concentrate on the move, painting, new carpet, and all the details of moving into a new house.

You've answered a few questions, given us detailed information, applied online, and before you know it, you'll be moving in! Call us to begin your loan today. 

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